A singing callile who expresses words on a brush and a song®』
Through the book of the heart abundantly that we are going to be.


2018February 4, 2008 : 2/5()Alcohol Summit cast!

[ 2/5()Alcohol Summit cast.❣】
念願の✨At Park Tower Hall, Tokyo😆✨
2/5()"Alcohol Summit 2018" will be held
We will be appeared in the calligraphy performance singing.

Dream came true one also ° *.(・∀・)° *.✨
I "performance in the Park Tower Hall wanted to do! "What I was thinking.
To keep up a real experience!

Is unfortunately no general💦
In lighting, sound great here
You can perform your participants to send power to promote♡Exciting✨ʕ•̫͡•ʔ♬✧

We produced to this day on the day of the
In the original performance premiered music🎶
Please look forward to!


2017December 18, 2008 : The here today!

Your patience has been!
Blog updates from today(^^)/

Thank you ☆

Calligrapher sing uchimura Asuka

2017October 12, 2010 : Homepage announcements
This time, the website opened!
Aiming at our easy to use site, reinforce the content.
Please thank you.